TechStar Business Continuity Resources and Remote Support

Maintaining Business Continuity 

As your IT Department, TechStar is committed to helping your business not only survive, but thrive during these challenging times. Our partnership has always been based on remote support, so we are uniquely positioned to continue to support your employees if working remotely becomes necessary due to restrictions caused by the COVID-19 Virus.

TechStar has implemented a Crisis Plan to maintain the IT Support of our Contract Partners. Our support hours will remain unchanged, Monday - Friday, 7 am -7pm CST, however the Waconia office has been closed and our Team is working remotely.  We have taken these steps to protect our staff and resources so that we can continue to support your needs without interruption.  On-Site visits will be made for critical operations only, and will be approved by TechStar management in advance.

Step 1

Confirm that all of your employees understand how to get support from TechStar so they feel comfortable working directly with the Help Desk Team.  The TechStar Support Portal will be key in its role as the Support and Training Center. You can visit:

Step 2

Work with TechStar  to transition employees to remote locations, as needed.  This will require additional security measures to secure corporate data.

Step 3

Evaluate corporate resources to identify weaknesses, if any.

Step 4 

Secure corporate information through sound security policies and practices.  

Step 5

Provide training to employees to help them use new tools and/or leverage existing tools more effectively.

Step 6

If your employee's will be using personal equipment to access Company Data/Servers via a VPN the device will require some steps prior to VPN setup. 

  • The device will need to be scanned for Viruses and Malware 
  • The device will need a current Supported OS such as Windows 10
  • The  device will need TechStar remote tools installed to support monitor security patches and update while the VPN is being used

Please contact us and discuss any changes in your staffing or working situation prior to implementing new remote policies so we can help you with planning and or help avoid service issues during the transition. If employees are going to be laid off, be sure to let us know so we can pause their accounts and access.

You will receive more information and tools in the coming days to help your with each of these steps.  For now, please make sure that all of your employees who function as IT Admins are have logged into the TechStar Portal and have subscribed to the Announcement Forum.

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