COVID-19 checklist for newly remote employees

COVID-19 checklist for newly remote employees

There is a great deal more to "going remote" than just hardware and remote access.  Work-from-home policies must be practical and include action items that your employees can use to help themselves become more productive.    The checklist below has been taken from a COVID-19 HR Resources document punished by Zenefits.  I am passing it along to you because it is one of the better ones I have seen .

Checklist Items

  • Setting up your workspace. The first step to successful remote working is designating a specific work location in your home. 
  • Employee Time Tracking & Scheduling. You’ll need a way to track employee worked hours remotely, particularly if you have hourly or scheduled employees. 
  • Virtual conferencing set-up and expectations. Virtual meetings make remote work meetings much easier and more effective. While phones and email work for some activities, virtual conference rooms are great for teams and collaboration. 
  • Communications. From managers to staff good communication is key in business, but it’s mission critical with remote teams and takes structuring to pull off well. 
  • How to host, or attend, virtual meetings. If you aren’t already using your personal calendar to schedule team meetings and one-on-ones, the coronavirus might be your motivation to get onboarded — quickly. 
  • Expenses. Working remotely is not the same as traveling for business. You may not expense meals, coffee, or transportation costs. If you do have business-related expenses, follow the existing internal expense policy.
  • Working hours. Most remote working hours will remain the same as normal working hours, unless otherwise specified by managers. That means the expectation is to work one’s normal job, role, and functions throughout standard business hours, or for individual shifts.
  • Customer communications. People are responding positively to email correspondence from their favorite brands, retailers, and shops when they are providing information about working hours and changes to their normal schedule.
  • Managing housemates and family who are also home. As schools around the country close, a new remote-work challenge has emerged which is: working with kids or other housemates in the house. How do you manage it all?

Internal communication policies may need to be redefined and simplified to make everyone more productive. Restricting communications to one or two platforms helps to keep the team connected and limits interruption. Look first to tools you already own like Microsoft Teams or Google Meet for internal communication and collaboration.

I have attached a .pdf copy of the full Checklist for Newly Remote Employees, by Zenefits for your reference. You may request an editable version from Zenefits at

Please reach out to us at if you would like assistance with any of the items discussed above.

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