Introducing PasswordPusher - Securely share passwords

Enter a password, Press the "Push It!" button, copy the secure link and share that using email or chat, protecting the password

To use it, visit: 

I don't get it. What is this for?

PasswordPusher exists as a better alternative to emailing passwords.

Emailing passwords is inherently insecure. The greatest risks include:

  • Emailed passwords are usually sent with context to what they go to or can potentially be derived from email username, domain etc...
  • Email is inherently insecure and can be intercepted at multiple points by malicious entities.
  • Emailed passwords live in perpetuity (read: forever) in email archives
  • Passwords in email can be retrieved and used later on if an email account is stolen, cracked etc..

By using PasswordPusher, you bypass all of this. For each password posted, a unique URL is generated that only you will know. Additionally, passwords expire after a predefined set of views are hit or time passed. Once expired, passwords are unequivocally deleted.

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