Updated Cybersecurity Training for 2021 is available now.

What's better than leaving 2020 behind? Protecting your business in 2021 with a brand-new, completely revamped Cybersecurity Training course!!

A lot has changed in the past year, including the security threats that you and your team face each day. We’ve drastically updated next year’s training course to prepare you and your team to face these new challenges.  

The 2021 Annual Training Course is available to your team starting today with:

  • Engaging new case studies focused on current topics relevant to your business RIGHT NOW 

  • A concise, shortened course that saves you time 

  • A completely restructured course for increased learning retention for a staff of all learning styles 

  • Increased animation, making the training interactive and easy to understand 

Tips for rolling out the new 2021 course to your organization: 

  • Take the training today. See How do I take my Annual Cybersecurity Training? for instructions.  Leading by example can be the most inspirational thing you can do for your team. 
  • Customize the attached Client 2021 Training Announcement Email Template to easily remind your staff to take this year’s training. See attached document.
  • Please encourage your staff complete this training by setting a due date

We’re excited about all the updates to this year’s training course! Please let us know of any feedback or questions you have and our team would be happy to help.  

Thank you,  

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