TechStar Announces Brand New Cybersecurity Training Course for 2022

Together, we can make every member of your team a cybersecurity champion!

As your IT Department, we are excied to bring you this year’s annual training course. To really help make Cybersecurity training fun, this year’s courses were designed with a TV show theme, where each lesson is built as a TV channel. There has never been a more fun and engaging way to learn about cybersecurity awareness.

Here are just a few factors that make the 2022 training our best yet: 

  • An engaging format that will keep staff interested 

  • Education on the newest cybersecurity trends and threats 

  • An intuitive new video player 

  • Options for English, Spanish, and French captions 


The 2022 Cybersecurity training course will be available tomorrow, January 14, 2022.  For instructions on how to take the course see  How to Complete 2022 Annual Cybersecurity Training.

In the coming weeks we will embark on a campaign to encourage all of the users we support to complete the training. Today, I ask that you, as an Administrator for your organization, take the training at your earliest convenience. Lead by example and your team will follow.

I am here to help.  Please feel free to reach out to me for assistance in meeting your organizations specific training needs.

Barbra Ewing

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