The TechStar accounting portal makes it very easy to automate payments with ACH or Credit Card

Step 1: Access the TechStar Accounting Portal 

Step 2: Add a Payment Method

Add bank account or credit card information for electronic payment of invoices.  Invoices can be paid with these accounts manually or by automatic payment instructions.

  • Select the  NEW PAYMENT METHOD  button
  • Follow the prompts to add your bank or credit card information
  • Check the box to authorize payment method
  • Once completed the account(s) will be listed in the PAYMENT METHODS box on the Dash Board
Note: You may add multiple accounts if needed. You control automatic and on-demand payments.

Step 3: Setup Auto Payment Agreement

Automatic payment can be set up based on a variety of criteria and can be altered or deleted at your discretion. 

  • Select Autopay menu at the top of the dashboard
  • Select the NEW button to set up payment options
  • Select criteria that fit your needs

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