Our new procurement process is designed to bring convenience and value to your equipment purchasing needs!

Equipment sales is not our primary focus, but we understand that it can help support your business. As your IT Department we understand your business, what equipment should be used and the best suppliers for business grade gear.  Our procurement service is available to help insure you get the right equipment at a fair price and that the documentation and warranty information is accurately tracked. You can have us specify, order, provision and setup your new equipment or you can ask for a link to a product recommendation that you purchase directly. Our goal is to make sure you don't waste time and money on the wrong equipment.

Here is a general overview of the procurement process:

  1. Request the equipment quote or link you need via email, chat, phone or the portal
  2. A TechStar Technician will specify the proper equipment to meet your company standards
  3. An equipment quote or link will be provided to you via a reply within the support ticket
  4. If you purchase through us, you will be asked to enter payment information after you accept the quote
  5. The equipment will be ordered after your payment is received 
  6. You will be updated with the status of your order as it moves through the purchase, configuration and delivery process

For your convenience the entire procurement process will be completely contained and documented within the support ticketing system.

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